Compare injection and blow plastic pallet mould

Published on :2019-12-02

Plastic pallet mould can be used to produce plastic pallet by injection molding or blow molding. Plastic pallets produced by different processes have different properties. The following is about comparising of injection and blow plastic pallet mould.

1: Production equipment
Injection moulding pallet: It is moulded by a large injection moulding machine, and the product is durable. The pallet injection mould can reserve the hole of the steel pipe, and the built-in steel bar can increase the load;
Blow moulding pallet: It is moulded by blow moulding machine and blow moulded in one time, saving storage space and transportation cost. No reinforcement can be built in.

2: Use environment
In general, blown plastic pallet is mainly used in harsh environments and high-intensity operations. Injection plastic pallet can be used in environments such as flat warehouses, stereo libraries, and cold storage.

3: The industry distribution
Plastic pallets are widely used in various industries such as food and beverage, Chemistry and prescription, tobacco and textile, electronic automobiles and logistics. It has lightweight and saves materials and costs. Blow moulding pallets are suitable for harsh environments and environments with high impact resistance requirements. And has good low temperature resistance. It is suitable for load-bearing requirements of pallets and meets the requirements of heavy cargo handling, such as heavy industry, food refrigeration industry and so on.

4: The surface structure
The injection pallet is in the form of a grid or a flat plate and has a rib structure. But blow moulding pallets are all flat and have a pillar structure inside.

5: The appearance is different
Injection pallet: Injection moulding is a solid core, and the surface of the injection-moulded part is bright. Because there is an injection port, the moulded product will have a small part of the unwanted part. It will be cut off by a process, although it is not obvious, it can be seen if you look closely.
Blow moulding pallet: There are blown holes on the surface of the blow moulding pallet, all of which are vacant in the middle, can only produce double-sided pallets, can not produce single-sided pallets, and the direction of the product fork is generally used for two-way forks.

6: Advantages and disadvantages
The injection moulding pallet can be built with steel bars, which can be used on the shelf and have high precision in injection moulding. The disadvantage is that the injection pallet has high requirements on the material, and the quality of the injection-recycled product is much worse than the new material.
Blow pallet mould are not usually used on shelves. The advantages are high load capacity, adjustable weight, anti-drop resistance and long life. The disadvantage is that the blow moulding precision is lower. The dimensional error is larger than the injection moulding, and the built in the steel bar cannot be used on the shelf.

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