Everything you need to know about crate mould

Published on :2020-03-14

Chennuo Mould has 20 years of experience in injection moulding processing and keeps up with the development trend of the logistics industry. Chennuo is willing to explore the development and production of various products. At present, plastic pallet moulds, crate moulds, large box moulds, etc. have become the main products produced by Chennuo. Most of Chennuo's plastic crates are manufactured by injection moulding. The most important part of injection moulding is crate mould.

The main components of Crate Mould:
1. Pouring system: Function: heating, melting and feeding plastic particles.
2. Injection system: mainly includes the core and cavity, and also includes a part of the crate structure, which can help better maintain the crate structure.
3. Guiding system: There are mainly guiding columns, guiding sleeves and decorative strips.
4. Demoulding system: help the crate demould and reset.
5. Cooling system: cooling plastic crate to help crate moulding and achieve more beautiful results.
6. Auxiliary equipment: safety auxiliary system, heating auxiliary system, etc. Ensure efficient and safe processing.

The quality of the mould plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the injection crate. As a professional China plastic crate mould supplier, Chennuo Mould can also create crates molding lines to help you complete the production of large quantities of crates, the most important of which is the mould. Chennuo has strict mould manufacturing standards, as well as a professional R&D team and the design team.  At the same time, in order to shorten the production cycle of plastic crate moulds, we also specialize in the production of standard moulds. In this way, we can not only ensure the quality of the plastic crate mould, but also save the production cycle of the mould.


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