How to order a high-quality chair mould?

Published on :2020-08-21

How to order a high-quality chair mould? First of all, we must conduct an on-site inspection and in-depth understanding in order to select a suitable and experienced chair mould manufacturer.

As we all know, as long as it is a mould factory, it can produce injection chair moulds, but to produce a high-quality injection chair mould, not all factories can do it. If you want to know what the mould factory you are currently working with Whether the plastic injection chair mould is of a high standard, then you can understand the following contents:

  • Chair mould cycle
  • Chair mould life
  • Is the dividing line good or not? Is there any sharp edge?
  • Is the chair wall thickness uniform
  • How do they produce chair moulds to make the chair light and strong
  • How about chair stacking?
  • How to design a good exhaust on the back of the chair?
  • How to make your chair polishing lasting?

1. How to judge the chair mould cycle period?

If the cooling water temperature is 8-12°C and the weight of the chair is between 1700g and 2400g, then its cycle period should be 35s-50s. please check their waterway design. Is the waterway straight? Is the direction of the waterway consistent with the shape of the chair?

2. How to ensure the life of the chair mould?

Many people will say that they can guarantee one million times, so what is the definition of one million times? Does it mean that the mould is broken or does it mean that there is no flash after the mould has been run one million times? If you cut the flash by hand, then I think you can use this mould to produce 10 million chairs. Therefore, you need to check the hardness of the steel material and whether the mould has welded parts. Under normal circumstances, the steel hardness should be HRC33.

3. How can I ensure that the chair parting line has no sharp burrs?

The parting line on the chair is very rough and dangerous. In order to avoid sharp edges, we must pay attention to many aspects in the mould production process: Is the design of the parting line of the chair mould correct? Is the cavity core thickness sufficient?

4. Is the wall thickness uniform?

Manual work on the parting line is a cause of uneven wall thickness. Of course, most of the reasons are caused by the 3D design of the plastic chair and poor lighting of the cavity core. Therefore, when we start a plastic chair mould design, the wall thickness factor has to be considered.

5. How to ensure that the chair is light and strong enough?

When designing a chair product, we have to consider its weight and strength. You can make the bottom of the chair strong enough by adding more ribs. What about the chair legs, chair backs, and cushions? Regarding this, you need to analyze the strength of each area. If you want a chair to be light and strong, you need to choose a PP material with a low melt index.

6. How to design a good exhaust on the back of the chair?

The back design of some chairs is very complicated, because there are many plastic welding points, which may cause poor exhaust when the material is filled and flows. Therefore, you need to confirm whether some areas of the mould need to be exhausted through mould flow analysis.

7. How to ensure the durability of chair mould polishing?

In order to prevent the core cavity of the mould from being corroded by the plastic, you must ensure that the steel is chrome-plated and the hardness exceeds 33. If you use some recycled materials to produce, the chair mould must be chrome-plated. Otherwise, the mould must be polished frequently.

Having said so much, you must know how to buy a good chair mould now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, if you need a high-quality, high-capacity chair mould, Chennuo Mould will be your best choice!


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