One-stop pallet moulding solution

Published on :2020-10-23

As an important tool for cargo storage and turnover, plastic pallets have gradually replaced pallets of other materials with lighter weight, greater load capacity and longer life, because many logistics companies are using them. As a professional pallet mould manufacturer, Chennuo Mould can provide customers with customized plastic pallet production lines, including the following equipment:

  • 1. Plastic pallet injection moulding machine (1800Ton--2800Ton), Servo drive system, fully closed-loop control, high moulding accuracy, stable injection, and good energy-saving effect;
  • 2. P20, DIN 1.2738, 718, etc. are selected for the pallet mould steel material, and a reasonable cooling design is adopted to help shorten the moulding cycle and extend the life of the mould;
  • 3. Provide feeder, dryer, chiller, picking manipulator, etc. to meet the needs of automated production.

The company provides the following services:

  • 1. The 2D and 3D design of pallets can design more competitive pallets for you;
  • 2. 2D and 3D design of pallet mould, high-quality pallet mould design can shorten the moulding cycle and improve output efficiency;
  • 3. Mold flow analysis, analyze the problems encountered by the tray during the injection moulding process, and achieve a better moulding effect;
  • 4. Project solutions for different customers;
  • 5. On-site installation service for the entire production line;
  • 6. Provide necessary after-sales service for the stable operation of the project.

Chennuo Mould has provided different pallet injection turnkey projects for global customers, covering Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, South Africa, Algeria, Guinea, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, etc. Therefore, if you have pallet mould project development or capacity expansion needs, our rich experience can provide you with thoughtful service.

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