What should we pay attention to plastic crate mould?

Published on :2020-04-22

Chennuo Mould is a professional manufacturer of plastic crate moulds, such as: milk bottle crate mould, bread crate mould, industrial crate mould, fish crate mould, etc. We provide one-stop service for customers, crate mould design, processing high-quality crate mould. We provide customers with first-class service and technical support, and high-quality crate mould have been appreciated by most customers.

According to the number of cavities, plastic crate mould can be divided into many types, such as one-cavity crate, two-cavity crate, and four-cavity crate mould. In order to provide high production efficiency, many users will choose 4-cavity crate mould. The 4-cavity crate mould occupies most of the market in mould manufacturing and product sales, and has a high reputation. This type of mould is suitable for high-speed injection moulding, with a cycle time of only 42 seconds. Cn-mold has produced many 4-cavity crate moulds with high quality and competitive prices.

What should we pay attention to plastic crate mould?

  1. The main material of the crate is polypropylene, and its melt flow rate should be in the range of 1.5-5g / 10min. In order to reduce the production cost, we can also add 10% of the recycled materials according to customer needs. The steel material of the crate mould is generally 718 or 2738, which has to go through forging, CNC milling roughing, tempering, CNC milling...
  2. Due to the large size of the crate and the large amount of raw materials required. The specifications of the injection moulding machine should be greater than 1000g.
  3. The hot runner is generally used. The advantages of the hot runner are: 1. Save material. 2. Improve production efficiency. 3. In the long run, costs can be reduced.
  4. The injection parameters of the plastic crate mould are as follows: Screw temperature: front 190-220 °C, middle 220-240 °C, rear 180-200 °C, nozzle temperature 170-220 °C. Injection pressure: 70-100mpa. The injection moulding cycle time is 60-180s, the injection time is 5-10s, the pressure holding time is 5-15s, and the cooling time is 20-60s.
  5. Due to the huge and complicated structure of the crate. crate mould design should use multi-mode structure.
  6. The exhaust effect of the plastic crate mould is better to avoid black spots or scorching of plastic products;


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