What is the automotive safety chair moulding process?

Published on :2019-10-10

As the public's awareness of child safety chairs improves, the international child automotive safety chair market is gradually improving. Most safety chairs are made of plastic. The quality of plastic and moulding process determine the safety factor of chairs. What is the automotive safety chair moulding process? During the processing of plastic moulds for automotive safety chairs, injection moulding and blow moulding are two main processes. What is the difference between these two processes?

Currently there are two types of plastic safety chairs in circulation on the market: PP injection chairs and blow moulding usually use HDPE5502

1) The chair structure is more complicated
(2) Injection-moulded chairs only have a single-layer wall thickness, and the strength is generally insufficient. Therefore, iron parts are generally added to the injection moulded parts to increase the strength of the chair.

Blow moulding:
(1) The structure of the chair is relatively simple
(2) The blow moulded chair has double wall thickness, and its strength is relatively strong, and it can withstand the strength of the chair during impact.

Injection: Injection moulding is the use of the screw or plunger of the injection machine to make the plastic in the barrel through the injection machine nozzle or the mould's casting system, injected into the mould cavity curing

Blow moulding: Blow moulding is the use of an extruder to extrude the plastic into a hollow and then put it in the mould. Inflated with compressed air and attached to the cavity wall, and then cooled and hardened.

4. Advantages and disadvantages

(1) Beautiful surface
(2) More chair functions
(3) Better compression resistance and toughness.
(1) The chair is bulky
(2) Complex structure
(3) High cost

Blow moulding:
(1) Simple structure
(2) The chair is lighter
(3) High cost performance
(4) Plastic is hollow and has better energy absorption effect
(1) The function is relatively simple
(2) The surface appearance is not very beautiful, and the product grade is low.

So how to distinguish between blow moulded and injection moulded chairs?
1. Visual comparison. Blow moulded chairs are relatively lightweight.
2, look at the color. Blown plastic is prone to leaving burrs, and the surface is less smooth than injection moulding. Black is just a good way to cover these flaws, so the surface of blow moulded products is mostly black, and other colors are generally not used.
3. Press the safety chair firmly with your fingers to determine whether it is hollow.


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