Automotive lamp mould

Published on :2020-01-13

In the development of the automotive industry, the demand for plastic moulds has increased, and the plastic products has greatly promoted the development and construction of the automotive industry. And automotive mould determines the quality of plastic parts. At the same time, automotive products are constantly updated. Only by mastering the key to mould production of plastic parts, the new moulds can meet the needs of the automotive industry development.
What is the best material for moulding lamp?
What water channel can make the automotive lamp mould cool better?
How to improve injection moulding process?

Automotive lamp moulds occupy a large market share in automotive moulds. Automotive lamp is the collective name for all automotive lighting systems. Several important parts are transparent parts, electroplated parts, etc., so the automotive lamp mould design and manufacturing requirements are extremely high. The main components of the lamp are: lens, decorative frame, lampshade, reflector, etc.

The lens is the outermost transparent piece of the automotive lamp. Generally, the automotive lamp is white and transparent, with A-class curved surface and super hard coating, which is the most important automotive parts.

For automotive lamp moulds, it is divided into two parts: fixed mould and moving mould. The fixed mould temperature control system consists of 4 cooling water channels, 4 in and 4 out. The moving mould temperature control system consists of 5 cooling water channels, 5 in and 5 out. To reduce the moulding cycle and improve the quality of plastic lamp, it is necessary to reasonably design the position of the water channel so that the temperature around the mould cavity can be roughly balanced.

For this purpose, the cooling channel uses a combination of “vertical water pipe + inclined water pipe + diaphragm water well." This cooling system is preferred to use vertical water pipes, followed by inclined water pipes, and diaphragm water wells must be used as a last resort. This combined form of cooling water channel is evenly arranged, close to the cavity, and the moulding cycle is successfully controlled within 35 seconds, which is suitable for moulding large batches and high precision plastic lamp.

The lateral core pulling mechanism is the most important core structure of the lamp mould. This automotive lamp mould cleverly uses the inner core pulling mechanism of “T-slot guide block + oblique inward slider” to successfully solve the problem of leaving marks on the surface of the plastic part when the transparent part is literally parted.

The automotive lamp mould adopts a common pouring system and is fed by a fan-shaped gate tower. Compared with the hot runner pouring system previously used, not only the cost is greatly reduced, but the light transmission of the lamp is better.


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