what is automotive mould?

Published on :2019-10-17

More than 90% of automotive parts are manufactured by moulds. What is automotive mould? Automotive mould is used to produce automotive part. In accordance with different automotive part, automotive mould can be divided into automotive bumper mould, automotive seat mould, automotive door mirror mould... According to different moulding methods, automotive mould can be divided into automotive compression mould, automotive injection mould automotive foundry mould, automotive forging die and so on. In addition, for the different parts of automotive, automotive mould can be divided into metal mould, plastic mould, composite mould, etc.. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, automotive mould have become the most important part of the mould industry, and the scale of the industry has continued to expand. In the future, driven by the concept of lightweight automotives, the development of automotive plastic moulds will be effectively promoted. Tests have shown that for every 10% reduction in automotive mass, fuel efficiency can increase by 6-8%. And for every 100kg reduction in automotive mass, fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.3-0.6 liters per 100 kilometers. Plastic moulds are widely used due to their lighter weight.

As professional china automotive mould manufacturer, Chennuo has rich experience in automotive mould, has produced more than 20 automotive bumper moulds this year.. The structure of the bumper is complicated. In order to choose a reasonable gate type and location, you need to perform adequate mold flow analysis before mold making. In addition, we must pay attention to the material and processing technology of the screw barrel to ensure its corrosion resistance and strength.

For automotive injection mould, the precision, weight and quality of the final automotive parts need to be strictly controlled. This requires that every automotive mould is designed and manufactured for specific automotive parts. As an automotive mould manufacturer with an 18-year history, Chennuo has professional team and advanced equipment, provides OEM production services and customized automotive mould services. Details highlight the perfect. Our mould quality control is strict and the after-sales system is perfect. Our automotive moulds include bumper mould, seat mould, door mirror mould, mud guard mould, car lamp mould and so on. If you have any needs, please contact us to get the best automotive mould price, or click here to view some automotive mould.

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