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Published on :2020-07-15

Chennuo is an excellent plastic pallet mould manufactures in China, and is also recognized as a professional pallet mould manufacturer in the industry. We have plastic pallet mould engineers with high-quality and high-standard design concepts, which can provide you with all kinds of plastic pallet mould solutions at high prices at any time. The company has multiple mould teams. There are more than 30 teams dedicated to the management and quality control of pallet mould projects. From the three-dimensional modeling of the product to the first mould trial of the mould, we have very strict mould flow analysis and quality control.

For the pallet mould with compartments in the middle, the six parting surfaces and the locking structure of the four sliders are an important link. In the design, the guide of the slider should be solved first, to ensure that the reciprocating movement is stable and reliable. Like this type of pallet mould design, two methods of oblique iron locking and hydraulic locking can be used. So Chennuo gathered the four sliders into a whole cone-shaped mould sleeve and divided them into four sliders, allowing the sliders to reciprocate on the slide. When locking, the sliders were locked by the clamping force of the injection machine. Tighten in the cone mould sleeve to avoid loosening of the melt when filling the mould. Each pallet mould has the best injection and cooling system to meet the requirements of high-speed injection.

Chennuo has 2 machines dedicated to testing plastic pallet moulds, and our testing team has extensive testing experience. Find out the shortcomings of the mould and provide solutions during the mould trial process, and do long-term simulation production before shipment. Chennuo will record the data of the plastic pallet mould and feed it back to the customer. Important information such as mould design, drawings, various inspection records, work logs, inspection reports, mould trial videos, and mould operation manuals, etc., will be sent to customers regularly during mould processing.

Chennuo Mould designed a pallet mould with a valve gate hot runner system that allows the recycling of materials. We offer any types of pallet moulds, like nine-foot pallet mould, double sides pallet mould, four-window pallet moulds and three-runner pallet mould.

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