What is plastic pallet mould

Published on :2019-11-14

Pallets are cargo platforms for the transport of goods and are widely used in production, transportation, warehousing and distribution. In the early days, most pallets were made of wood, but nowadays plastic pallet has gradually replaced wooden pallet due to predictability and long life.

The production of plastic pallet is inseparable from plastic pallet mould. At present, most companies use plastic injection moulding or blow moulding to produce plastic pallet. Plastic pallets produced by injection moulding are low in price but high in precision and good in quality.

The Pallet can be divided into many types depending on materials, uses, and structures, so there are many types of plastic pallet moulds. As a professional plastic pallet mould manufacturer in China, Chennuo produces various plastic pallet mould, such as foldable pallet mould, recyclable pallet mould...

Cn-mold has customized the entire plastic pallet forming line for more than 200 customers. We have rich experience and advanced equipment. If you need a custom plastic pallet mould, please contact us.


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