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Published on :2019-11-18

Dustbin, also known as trash can or garbage bin, is made primarily of metal or plastic, but more and more people choose plastic dustbins in recent years. What is the advantage of plastic dustbins?
1. The barrel of dustbin is smooth, which reducing garbage residue and easy to clean.
2. High-quality plastic raw materials, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic and tasteless.
3. Strong and durable, but low cost.

How to produce dustbin? Among the entire dustbin moulding line, the most important is the dustbin mould, which determines the structure, shape and smoothness of the dustbin. Secondly, in the design of the runner system and the cooling system, in order to produce a high quality dustbin, the optimal position of the filling must be considered, and the cooling effect and cooling uniformity must also be considered. For raw materials, dustbins are usually composed of PP material. PP (polypropylene) is called "safe plastic". It has excellent electrical insulation and chemical resistance, and has high mechanical properties and heat resistance. Dustbin mould generally use P20 mould steel.

As a professional dustbin mould manufacturer in China, Chennuo mould starts with the demand and analyzes the purpose and appearance of the dustbin. Chennuo has a professional design team, from mould flow analysis, mould 2D, 3D design, cn-mold can provide complete design analysis documents and drawings. In the early stages of mould manufacturing, software is used to analyze the mould runner system and the cooling system to find the optimal cooling loop. Reduce cooling time during injection moulding, increase production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Chennuo Mould supplies a variety of dustbin mould, such as pedal dustbin mould, medical dustbin mould, oversized dustbin mould, etc. Cn-mold has large CNC machining machines and has produced 1000L industrial dustbin mould for customer.

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