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Dustbin Mould

The dustbin mould in picture is made for Italian customers. Here are the parameters of this plastic dustbin mould.

Product name    : 240L dustbin mould

Product weight   : 9.2Kg

Material         : HDPE

Shrinkage       : 1.8%

Mould size      : 1300*1340*1860mm

Mould weight    : 25T

Mould base steel      : 1730

Core and cavity steel : 2738

The type of injection machine : HT2800T

Recycle time    : 90s

As people's awareness of environmental protection and garbage classification continues to increase, plastic dustbin have broad market prospects. Cn-mold has developed dustbin moulds of different capacities and different styles for many countries, and accumulated a lot of experience. According to the different scope of use, it can be divided into household dustbins, industrial dustbins, etc.
Household dustbin mould: Generally, they are divided into rotating trash cans, pedal trash cans, and simple (round and square) trash cans. The capacity is generally divided into 1L, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L.
Industrial dustbin mould: Industrial dustbins are generally wheeled. Because of their large capacity, it is convenient for people to move, and they are equipped with large and small wheels. The capacity is generally divided into: 20L, 40L, 50L, 60L, 120L, 240L, 360L, 650L and 1000L.

Chennuo has rich experience in the production of plastic dustbin mould, providing a complete dustbin moulding line and continuously optimizing the design of the dustbin mould from the customer's perspective. The main body, the lid and bottom of the dustbin are reinforced to withstand various external forces(such as collisions, drops, etc.). The advanced dustbin production process shortens production time and is suitable for mass production. If you want to get dustbin mould, you can send the particular data and the pictures about the mould to us, so that we can quote you the best dustbin mould price.

240L Dustbin Mould
240L Dustbin Mould
180L Dustbin Mould
180L Dustbin Mould
120L Dustbin Mould
120L Dustbin Mould
100L Dustbin Mould
100L Dustbin Mould
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