As a professional pallet mould manufacturer, Chennuo Mould can provide customers with customized plastic pallet production lines.
Plastic bucket mould manufacturers can provide you with bucket moulds, paint bucket moulds, household trash can moulds, industrial trash can moulds, etc.
Cn-mold is a plastic pallet mould manufacturer in china, we provide various specifications of plastic pallet and plastic pallet mould to the global market.
How to order a high-quality chair mould? First of all, we must conduct an on-site inspection and in-depth understanding in order to select a suitable and experienced chair mould manufacturer.
Chennuo is an excellent plastic pallet mould manufactures in China, and is also recognized as a professional pallet mould manufacturer in the industry.
Chennuo Mould is a professional manufacturer of plastic crate moulds, such as: milk bottle crate mould, bread crate mould, industrial crate mould, fish crate mould, etc.
Chennuo Mould is a well-known automotive mould manufacturer in china, providing customers with high-quality automotive moulds, including high-quality plastic moulds for front and rear bumpers, mudguards, automotive lighting systems, dashboards, etc.
Chennuo Mould is a well-known plastic chair mould manufacturer in China. Plastic chair mould is one of our company's very mature projects.
Are you looking for a supplier of industrial dustbin mould? Chennuo Mould is a well-known supplier of plastic dustbin moulds, which can provide customers with high quality and high output dustbin moulds.

Pallet Mould

The steel material of the pallet mould is generally P20, and the hardness is HRC29-30. Pallets are divided into single-sided pallets and double-sided pallets. In the process of manufacturing moulds, double-sided pallet moulds are more difficult than single-sided pallet moulds.
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