plastic pallets and pallet moulds for sale

Published on :2020-08-26

Cn-mold is a plastic pallet mould manufacturer in china, we provide various specifications of plastic pallet and plastic pallet mould to the global market. Plastic pallets are currently widely used in the market, and certain industry standards have been formed, becoming a universal product in the logistics industry.

Using injection molding technology, pallets can be created in almost any size required by enterprises, and they can also be designed as nestable and stackable pallets. Since plastic pallets are usually designed to be nestable, empty pallets take up less space in the workshop than wooden pallets. Plastic pallets are also an environmentally-friendly choice. Most pallets are made with some recycled materials (if not requiring 100% raw materials).

Plastic pallets can not only use recycled materials, they can also be recycled. Plastic pallets allow companies to buy pallets once and reuse them for many years. Since the pallets are nestable, the pallets take up less space on the return journey, which is usually equivalent to reducing shipping costs. This means that plastic pallets will directly reduce transportation costs for most companies. Therefore, plastic pallets are generally more valuable than wooden pallets because they are more durable, more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than wooden pallets.

Nestable plastic pallets have hollow feet, which are "nested" in the recesses of the pallet below them. This allows many trays to be easily and safely stacked on top of each other. These stacks are very stable and can be easily moved (or even pushed) with a forklift.


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