Mold Design

CN-mold ensures the quality of products and molds with perfect design.


We can do it

A good products' design is the key.

We believe that the quality begins with mould design capabilty and consider it to be the key of mould making, At CN-mold we have invested in both people and technology to ensure that our design meet your highest expectations.

Our engineers are skillful using the world-leading CAD/CAE/CAM. Lkm,Hasco and DME, we offer the most optimized paperless design of producs and molds.

Our engineering and mould-making technology includes:

1 Pro/ENGINEER (3D Modeling)

2 SolidWorks (3D Modeling)

3 AutoCAD (2D Modeling)

4 MoldFlow Mold Advisor (Plastic flow/deform simulation)

5 MasterCAM (CNC Programming)

6 Unigraphics (CNC Programming)


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