What is plastic crate mould

Published on :2019-11-11

Crates, also known as turnover boxes, can be made of woods, plastics, metals or other materials, typically used to transport or store large, heavy items. Crates are widely used in machinery, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries.

In recent years, with the development of the injection molding industry, plastic crates have been widely used in the logistics and packaging industries. What are the benefits of the plastic crates?

Plastic crates generally have the benefits of good toughness, impact resistance, high hardness, good performance and long service life.
lightweight material:
The plastic crates is made of plastic such as HDPE or PP. These materials have the advantages of low cost and lightweight.
save space:
In order to meet the need of the market and customers, manufacturers developed collapsible plastic crate mould, which generally have the advantages of small footprint, convenient combination, space saving and work efficiency.
physical and chemical properties are stable:
The plastic crates can be waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosive; because the crate has a hollow structure. It has a good heat insulation effect.

The material of the plastic crate:

There are two kinds of the crate in the market, one is PP (polyethylene) material, and the other is HDPE (high density polyethylene) material. Crates with PP as raw material have better compressive performance, and the crates with HDPE as raw materials have better low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance and electrical insulation. At low temperatures, it is more tough than PP, but the surface finish is much weaker.

Classification of plastic crates:

1. Ordinary stackable crate (This type of logistic tank is the common crates, which can be stacked between cabinets.)
2. Oblique insertion type crate (this type of logistics box is characterized by the ability to reduce the storage volume and logistics costs in the empty box. Note that if you use this logistics box in the upper and lower two boxes or multiple boxes stacked, Stacking must be used at the same time to achieve stacking.)
3. Folding crate (in the empty box can reduce the storage volume while reducing the logistics costs back and forth, logistics plastic logistics boxes have many specifications, the shape is also diverse.)

Chennuo Mould is a professional manufacturer of plastic crate mould, providing customers with about 100 crate moulds each year. In the production of the crate mould, in order to make the mould more durable, ChenNuo chose high-quality mould steel and controlled the hardness of each steel. And finishing the surface of the mold. For moulds with different structures, Chennuo has various effective hot runner solutions. For example, a one-cavity plastic crate mould has a simple structure; for two-cavity and four-cavity plastic crate moulds, we use double-sided hot runners. Chennuo has the ability to provide you with a complete plastic crate moulding line. Chennuo has developed slat crates and crate moulds for various industries, including the bread crate moulds, vegetable crate moulds, bottle crate moulds and so on. No matter what kind of crates you need, Chennuo Mould can produce it for you.


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