China plastic dustbin mould manufacturer

Published on :2019-11-04

As a professional China plastic dustbin mould manufacturer, Chennuo has quite a few years of experience in the plastic dustbin mould market. What kind of plastic dustbin is more popular in the market?

1. Odor-free plastic dustbin. Chennuo has a customized complete dustbin moulding line service. Starting from the raw materials, Chennuo's purchasing specialist will purchase the high-quality plastic granules that meet the requirements according to your budget. And in accordance with the use of the final product, chennuo will select the appropriate plastic additives.

2. Durable plastic dustbin. The life of dustbins needs to be guaranteed by raw materials and structures. When designing a plastic dustbin mould, Chennuo will rely on production experience and scientific analysis to ensure that the plastic can fully flow in the cavity of the mould, uniformly solidify, to avoid inconsistencies in the thickness of the plastic dustbin body.

3. Dustbin’s appearance. Due to different environments in which dustbins are used, dustbins often have different appearances. Chennuo has manufactured various dustbin moulds from 0.5L desktop mini dustbin mould to 1000L large industrial dustbin mould, as well as plastic dustbin moulds with lids or wheels, pedal-type dustbin mould.

4. High-yield dustbin. Maybe, you will meet a large number of buyers, but do not have enough dustbin inventory, there is no doubt that is also a loss. Not only customers, manufacturers believe that good plastic dustbins should be produced with high efficiency. How to reduce the production time of the dustbin? Not only the structure of the dustbin, but also advanced plastic dustbin moulds, injection moulding machines and cooling systems. Chennuo will personalize each part of the entire plastic dustbin moulding line according to your dustbin parameters, ensuring that you can efficiently produce plastic dustbins in the future.

You can contact Chennuo to customize the entire plastic dustbin moulding line, or plastic dustbin mould, injection moulding machine, etc. You can also contact Chennuo to produce plastic dustbins for you.


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