What is the plastic mould molding process?

Published on :2019-10-30

Depending on the moulding process of the plastic mould, they can be divided into the following categories:

Injection mould
What is the moulding process of the injection mould?
The plastic raw material is placed in an injection machine and melted, and then pushed into the mould cavity by a casting system of the mould under the screw of the injection machine, and the plastic is solidified in the mould cavity. Injection moulding not only can form plastic parts with complex shapes, but also has high production efficiency and good quality. Therefore, injection moulding accounts for a large proportion of the moulding of plastic parts.

Compression mould
What is a compression moulding process?
Place the plastic material in the open mould cavity and close the mould. The plastic melts under heat and pressure and fills the cavity, then hardens and forms. Compression moulds are mainly used for thermosetting plastics, and moulded plastic parts are mainly used for daily use of outer casings and electrical switches.

Extrusion die
The extrusion die can continuously produce plastic having the same cross-sectional shape, such as plastic tubes, rods, sheets, etc., with high production efficiency. The equipment for the heated and pressurized extruder is the same as the equipment for the injection machine.

plastic mould

In addition to the plastic mould types listed above, there are vacuum forming dies, compressed air dies, blow dries, and low foam plastic dies. ChenNuo Mould mainly design and manufacture plastic mould such as dustbin mould, pallet mould, crate mould, automotive mould, plastic chair mould, big box mould and so on.


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