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Published on :2019-10-03

Automotive mould is used to produce automotive part. In accordance with different automotive part, automotive mould can be divided into automotive bumper mould, automotive seat mould, automotive door mirror mould... As for Automotive bumper, Automotive bumper is one of the most important automotive exterior parts. The bumper must have sufficient strength and rigidity, so that it can play a cushioning role in an automotive crash. In addition, it must meet the requirements of lightweight automotive. Therefore, the main body of the bumper is currently made of plastic, commonly known as plastic bumper, which is injection moulded by automotive mould.

Structural analysis of automotive bumpers

(1) The shape is complex, the size is large, and the wall thickness is relatively small. It belongs to large thin-walled plastic parts.
(2) There are many ribs in the bumper, and the melt flow resistance is large during injection moulding.
(3) The appearance of the automotive bumper must be smooth.

Automotive mould analysis of bumper

(1)Mould structure analysis
This automotive mould has a large number of holes and is designed with exhaust grooves and avoidance grooves. This can increase the service life of the mould and avoid flashing. The mould steel is P20, 718 or other. Chennuo uses various advanced milling equipment to improve the surface finish of automotive moulds.

(2)Analysis of the gating system
The integrated hot runner system design can avoid material waste and low maintenance and repair costs. At the same time, SVG technology is also used to control the opening and closing of the injection moulding machine outlet by driving the cylinder. The melt flow in the automotive mould is stable, the pressure is uniform, and the shrinkage of the bumper is consistent, which improves the dimensional accuracy. It not only achieves the ideal effect of smooth surface of the automotive bumper, but also reduces the moulding cycle and improves the productivity of the bumper.

(3)Analysis of temperature control system
The automotive mould temperature control system determines the moulding cycle of the mould and the quality of the final product. The length of the cooling water channel should not be too different to ensure that the temperature of each part of the bumper drops uniformly during the cooling and solidifying stage.

(4)Analysis of demoulding system
For automotive bumper mould, demoulding must be smooth and safe. Because the contact area is small, it is easy to cause the thimble to collide with the cavity surface of the mould, so the bumper mould should be designed to be straight as much as possible, and less thimble is used.

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