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Plastic chair mould manufacturer

Chair mould is a kind of household mould, which can be divided into various types according to materials, uses and mouldings processes. As a Chinese plastic chair mould manufacturer, Chennuo Mould produce many plastic chair moulds, such as rattan plastic chair mould, outdoor plastic chair mould, and foldable chair mould... In addition, Chennuo produce gas-assisted chair mould.

This year, Chennuo has produced about 80 sets of plastic chair moulds. We are focused on the needs of our customers and tailor high-quality chair moulds. In the manufacture of chair moulds, we focus on the production cycle of the chair mould, the mould steel, the weight and the parting line. The back part can be replaced, saving moulding costs. Chennuo pays attention to the user experience and has continuously improved the design of plastic chair mould for many years. We have mature technology, advanced equipment and perfect after-sales service system.

As a professional manufacturer of plastic chair mould in China, the service life of our mould has been recognized by customers. If you are looking for a professional chair mould manufacturer, please contact us.

plastic chair mould

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