According to statistics, more than 90% of automotive parts need to rely on mould for processing and manufacturing, the automotive mould tpyes including sheet metal parts, die casting parts, stamping parts, plastic parts, and so on.
There are many types of plastic moulds, including injection moulds, extrusion moulds, plastic compression moulds, and plastic suction moulds. The most common are injection moulds. Plastic injection mould is the most commonly used mould in the production of thermoplastic products.
Plastic injection moulding is an important processing technology for the plastic industry and the main method for producing plastic products. As a professional plastic mould manufacturer and supplier in China, Chennuo produces a series of household moulds, of which plastic chair mould account for a large part.
What is plastic chair moulding process?1.Plastic chair mould design. 2.Manufacture of plastic chair mould. 3.Close the chair mould, set the pressure, to start producing plastic chairs...
Plastic pallet mould can be used to produce plastic pallet by injection molding or blow molding. Plastic pallets produced by different processes have different properties. The following is about comparising of injection and blow plastic pallet mould.
Dustbin, also known as trash can or garbage bin, is made primarily of metal or plastic, but more and more people choose plastic dustbins in recent years.What is the advantage of plastic dustbins? How to produce dustbin?
The production of plastic pallet is inseparable from plastic pallet mould. At present, most companies use plastic injection moulding or blow moulding to produce plastic pallet. Plastic pallets produced by injection moulding are low in price but high in precision and good in quality.
As a professional China plastic dustbin mould manufacturer, Chennuo has quite a few years of experience in the plastic dustbin mould market. What kind of plastic dustbin is more popular in the market?
Crates, also known as turnover boxes, can be made of woods, plastics, metals or other materials, typically used to transport or store large, heavy items. Crates are widely used in machinery, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries.
What is the plastic mould molding process? Depending on the moulding process of the plastic mould, they can be divided into the following categories: Injection mold, Compression mold, Extrusion die...
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